The Premier’s response to the tragic deaths of two young people at the Defqon dance party on the weekend shows the Premier’s naivety when it comes to young people and safe drug use, Greens NSW MP and spokesperson for drug law reform Cate Faehrmann said.

“These deaths are a tragedy and my heart goes out to these victim’s families and loved ones. What’s even more tragic is that if festival-goers were able to test their drugs before they consumed them, these deaths may have been avoided,” Ms Faehrmann said.

“The decision made by the Premier to stop Defqon1 operating in the future is ridiculous and naïve.

“Shutting down dance parties won’t stop young people finding other events to dance all night at with their friends and it won’t stop young people buying and using illegal drugs.

“The government’s zero-tolerance approach to drug use is costing lives. Pure and simple.

“Instead of a zero-tolerance approach where many young people consume all of their drugs at once to avoid sniffer dogs risking falling dangerously ill or worse, we need an approach that is common-sense and saves lives.

“This means people being able to test their drugs before they consume them as well as getting rid of sniffer dogs,” said Ms Faehrmann.


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